Horizon Industries
P.O. Box 822
Waxahachie, TX  75168
(972) 923-3284



Horizon Industries has provided a service to Freight companies and to Surplus companies to liquidate the items they have that are not the usual consumer goods that are easily retailed or wholesaled.  Almost all of these items have been lost or mis-shipped by the Freight company.  Claims have been paid, and there is a clear title to these items.  These are the items you have found on this website.

We had kept this business going for years, but after 9/11, Freight companies went into a slump and we had to redesign our business.  We currently maintain several web-based retail businesses and deal with customers all over the world.

We have kept a sterling reputation in business and have expected the same from our customers.  I have never been disappointed. 
I guess that says quite a bit for the integrity of American people.

The passion of our life is the ministry.  I have spent the last 12 years running across Africa preaching revival.  We have had a radio ministry that reaches out throughout the Middle East from Jerusalem, another in Uganda, Africa, and across America on Sky Angel.   You can subscribe to either or both on our ministry website, www.revivalfire.org.